Neighbourhood walks

SnuggleBub was a bit out of sorts today so we went out walking. The change of scenery worked its magic, sending her to sleep quite quickly, leaving me to roam the streets of the neighbourhood, taking photos of houses or aspects of houses that I find intriguing and/or pleasing to my eye. 

I have loved looking at houses since I was little. When I was 13, I would ride to a particular street just to look at the houses on it. I’m  sure that didn’t seem creepy at all! Now I love to look *and* take photos! 

This is the second time I’ve taken photos on a walk with SnuggleBub. I never got around to posting any last time because I wanted to edit and get the images perfect, or as close as possible before posting. This time I’m just going to post them straight from my phone and actually get them posted. 

While SnuggleBub slumbers, mumma can take photos!

Letterboxes of a beautiful Deco apartment building

Through the gateway in the wall, you’ll find the secret garden.

I’ve never seen the gate open before and was trying to get a photo which didn’t actually impose on the privacy of their garden. Every time I walk past this house I always imagine a most magical garden behind the wall. 

The sweetest scent

Even the roses  at this house had the most divine scent. 

This house feels like it is issuing a warm invitation to come inside, have a cuppa and relax a while.

Stately ladies up the road from a mosque

Edged in blue

I love this letter box!

Free books… I guess

Ornate shutters; detached but still guarding the window

A yellow boat… But of course

Verandahs and couches…

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