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Tough Mudder –

On Saturday R took part in the Tough Mudder Melbourne event. A 20 km course with 22 obstacles to overcome, many of which require team effort and a lot of prayers of “Please don’t drop them” from the sidelines. He was in a team with his brother, nephew, work colleague and a couple of his […]

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Neighbourhood walks

SnuggleBub was a bit out of sorts today so we went out walking. The change of scenery worked its magic, sending her to sleep quite quickly, leaving me to roam the streets of the neighbourhood, taking photos of houses or aspects of houses that I find intriguing and/or pleasing to my eye.  I have loved […]

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Do I look any younger?! 

  In the past year I’ve tried a variety of migraine prophylactics and analgesics. None of the prophylactics made any difference and the side effects were usually very similar: dizziness, lethargy, brain fog. In short, not that different from the migraines. There was one prophylactic which had a spectacularly intense side effect: I’ve had twilight […]

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Almost five

It is hard to believe but Monsieur will turn five next week. (Note: This post was started in early April…things got busy, new bub and all, so I am just getting back to it now, mid-June!)   Sleep: I don’t know that this even needs mentioning anymore! He did start wanting snuggles at night after […]

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M o r e   i n f o