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Almost five

It is hard to believe but Monsieur will turn five next week. (Note: This post was started in early April…things got busy, new bub and all, so I am just getting back to it now, mid-June!)   Sleep: I don’t know that this even needs mentioning anymore! He did start wanting snuggles at night after […]

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Nine years!!

9 years ago two friends went on their first official date. There have been lots of “best dates” since then, but no better decisions that one! Marriage, children, house – none of it was on the cards or even remotely on my radar…until R came along. I had a rocking single life, and in the […]

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Breastfeeding – The Sequel!

Here I am again, attached to the pump, a machine that I both love and hate. It has been a very different experience this time around. It helps so much knowing what to expect and being able to prepare. I started expressing colostrum in January and freezing it, ready for SnuggleBub. I didn’t expect to […]

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Living with chronic migraines

I am learning more and more about migraines this year, especially the way they present in myself. They are tricky to diagnose as the symptoms can change from migraine to migraine, and most books and websites tout the same 4-6 main symptoms. Over the past few months of experiencing chronic migraine, I have discovered that […]

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Secondary infertility

I remember when I was pregnant with Monsieur reading an article about secondary infertility. Secondary infertility is where a couple have no trouble conceiving first time round but are unable to conceive second time round, or experience recurrent miscarriages.  I was appalled that, even though we’d managed to conceive easily the first time, it was […]

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