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Two weeks on, two weeks loooong

Nearly every month for the past three years has consisted of two weeks which fly by, and two weeks that drag by with excruciating slowness. Each day I check my calendar, but no, we’re not yet at that magic day. A few days later I check again – surely it must be close now – […]

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Everyone needs a goal

Monsieur spent a good portion of his day today doing things to earn money. He is saving up for something that he really wants. It all started last week, when a small toy caught his eye as we were walking past a bookshop. It was one of those hatch-it-yourself eggs – an egg that you […]

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Please don’t ask me

“So, when are you going to have another one?” “Where are you going for your next holiday?”   My heart sinks when I hear either of these questions, and their various iterations. I muster up a smile, and answer either vaguely or bluntly, depending on how tactful I feel that day. I am hearing these […]

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We are home. We moved home two and half weeks ago and it is more fantastic then we ever imagined; both the house and the being home bit. Our house is so quiet now, thanks to all the double glazing and sound insulation in as many walls as we could manage. A balm to the […]

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