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We are home. We moved home two and half weeks ago and it is more fantastic then we ever imagined; both the house and the being home bit. Our house is so quiet now, thanks to all the double glazing and sound insulation in as many walls as we could manage. A balm to the […]

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One possible post-holiday conversation: “So what did you get up to over the break?” “This and that. Found out I was pregnant. Had a miscarriage”   This conversation won’t be happening, because that’s just not how we talk about it in our society. But for a moment yesterday I imagined giving this response when someone […]

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We’ve just come back from a weekend at the beach. and…  *breath*  …we feel relaxed. A perfect way to spend a birthday weekend. Space. Ocean. Beach. Grass. Icy rain. Magpies. Cats. Us. (edit: we “just came back” three weeks ago now…)        

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The Great Bits

I’ve really struggled with this move, and the living in limbo, and the constant mess that surrounds us currently. But there are some fantastic aspects about living here and that’s what I want to focus on today. 1. I’m getting to know the area that R has called home for many years. He has been […]

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Over-filling life

Back in November, I wrote that I felt balance returning to life and that I had a new job. Turns out, that was the end of balance. I have been having all sorts of Tupperware adventures, documenting the gradual organisation of our kitchen and the discoveries along the way. I have been doing cooking demo […]

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