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Going cold turkey…and NEW BLOG!!!!!

I have given up Facebook. It hasn’t been as difficult as I expected. It’s a decision that I’ve been toying with for a few months, but I was worried that I would feel isolated without the connection with friends afforded by Facebook. Early on, when night and day were indistinguishable, it provided a way to […]

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New Blog…Almost

Off and on over the past few months, I have been looking for a blog template that suits what I want to do with my blog. I’ve experimented with a couple of designs but nothing has been quite right, or worth making the switch for. Last weekend, R asked if I’d googled wordpress templates. Uh […]

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The Blahs

Having an unmotivated week. Feeling flat, battling a headache with lots of coffee and codeine which results in less pain but a certain degree of cotton wool-ness in my head. A dear friend mentioned that it took her about 6 months after sleep returned to actually “get over it”, it being the sleep deprivation and […]

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On ya bike!

  Months ago we bought a bike trailer but it’s taken me a long time to feel comfortable with using it, both the logistics of putting it together/attaching it to my bike and my concern regarding Master Z – he’s so low, his head wobbled alarmingly (for me) when riding it, helmut or no helmut, […]

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We watched “I don’t know how she does it” a couple of months ago and one of the many aspects which I identified with was the mum’s need for lists, the never-ending lists of things to do. I’ve kept a list going on our fridge for about a year now because the only thing more […]

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