Dancing Boy

A quickie tonight as I’ve been working on assignments most of this evening.

Last weekend I was asked to photograph one of Monsieur’s kinder friends’ birthdays. It has been a while since I’ve done any event photography and the combination of low, multi-coloured lighting with very active 4 year olds made for an interesting challenge! Here are some of the shots of Monsieur that I can share…(because I don’t share photos of other children without their parents permission).


So busy dancing, he couldn’t stay still when the music ended. He was “out” of the dancing statues game early on, but happy to keep on dancing in the side dance party.


Sharing a cushion with his best kinder friend. Every day he checks that her stone is in the bowl (the children all have to put the stone with their name on it in the bowl when they arrive at kinder). He is always worried if her stone isn’t in the bowl and will immediately check to see if her coat and bag are in her locker. If they’re not there, he’ll turn to me and say “S isn’t here. I hope she’s okay. Why isn’t she here?”

2015-08-16 Myles 4th Birthday Party-19 - blog

More dancing! He was stoked to receive a slinky for awesome dancing 🙂

M o r e   i n f o